Wishful Thinking

March 31, 2008 

Unfortunately, it is the end of the month, and once again I find myself scrambling to come up with something to put on Ravens nest.

In the international news it seems that everything is exactly the way it has been for the last half a decade, but despite that, I continue to notice the bourgois papers trying to spin things with their wishful thinking.

 Fidel Castro and Cuba: Now, the errors of Cuban “socialist” construction aside, there is nowere that the bourgois press jumps the gun more than stories involving Castro. I remember a few years back, when Fidel was sick, the local rag (Edmonton Sun) featured a front page story about “Fidel Castro Dead (?)”, with the obligatory question mark to absolve themselves if he happened to survive, which he has to present (two years after the article was published).

 More recently, when Raul Castro was handed power as the new head of state, the Miami exile trash and the United States government celebrated, as though “the winds of change were blowing in Cuba!” All the media, on television and in print, dedicated a segment to parroting the wishful thinking of the US capitalists, that Raul would bring “Democracy” and “Freedom”, and basically return Cuba to it’s rightful place as an American neo-colony.

 Now, literally the day after Raul assumed power, nothing happened. Not only that, but he voiced his commitment to maintain things in Cuba. The bourgois press went silent for the most part, with a few passing mentions to ” Hardline communism unshaken in Cuba, blah blah blah…”, acting as though the press had never had their hopes up in the first place.

 Iraq: Recently, the media has been touting the war in Iraq as a success, a conflict that has finally yeilded fruit. The press and generals talked about the “Troop surge”, and handing power to the Maliki puppet government, while the Bushites smirk with an “I told you so” attitude.

 Now, less than a few weeks after touting their supremacy, there have been conflicts all over Southern Iraq, including in Bagdhad itself. The Maliki troops were said to lay down their arms to Iraqi militias during the conflict, and the United States called in air support to maintain order. Upwards of 300 people are said to have died by the bourgois press.

 The smug smiles and assurances of suprmeacy have been wiped clean from the faces of American Jingoists, after the reality in Iraq has shattered their delusions of ever triumphing in their occupation of attrition.

 North Korea: A few months back ,the American press was once again claiming victory in the North Korean situation (with the Six party talks,) having convinced the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to pursue nuclear disarmament of their yongbyon reactor.

The Workers Party of Korea agreed, and the USA touted their supremacy in their mainstream organs. The press focused on a story about the New York Philharmonic orchestra playing in the North Korea.

 Now, once again in light of  a new government on the South of the Korean Peninisula, acting in a hostile fashion to the North (undoubtedly with American support,), the DPRK has resumed testing of missiles, and may not shut down their reactor and nuclear facilities.

*                                              *                                                      *

  Basically, the equation of all Bourgois news is that the mainstream mouthpieces put out the official version of how they would like the world to look, and then reality invalidates their hopes and ambitions soon after.

Currently, the propaganda mission is devoting full effort to putting spin on the Elections in Zimbabwe (allready alleging voter fraud/tampering,), puttigng spin on the lamaist orchestrated demonstrations in Tibet, and basically spinning any other subject into a version of events that pleases them and perverts public support. I am anticipating the inevitable triumph of reality within the next short while, and sit observing the world situation with re-newed moral, as the reality of social conditions and un-relenting popular struggle continue to consistently clash with the official verison of events as presented by monopolized capitalist media;The hopes and dreams of imperialists and oligarchs are promptly banished back to the the realm of wishful thinking, by the bullets of the defiant, and disobedience of the workers.



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